Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Meeting 2008.11.26

Busy day!
Present: FS, MO, YM, CA, ES, TF, YH, YS, MH
Absent: YI (Shizuoka), JDR (prof meeting)

Here is the news:

1. CA and FS: copy your gaijin card, passport, and visa, keep them in a safe spot just in case.
2. Microscope and digital camera now ready to use! Thanks to MO and ES.
3. Primers - must be ordered by this Friday (FS, CA, YM, JDR).
4. Diving around Korijima - end of December!
5. FS will go to Hokkaido sometime next spring.
6. 2 more 2nd year students wish to come do research with us; now 5 people!
7. Shopping: lots on the wish list; JDR will order what he can.
8. YS showed us a video of him winning his pro debut fight in about 40 seconds. Don't get him mad!
9. Tanks: YM.
10. Seminar - do NOT forget to prepare a summary (Mon before presentation) and also to inform the chair of your title (Fri before). Send the PDF to the chair as well.
11. YS and YH: make webmail addresses.
12. YS: lab rule sheet please!

We then cleaned up the experiment room; it looks great! Thanks to everyone for their help.

Today's picture: Serious people at the JCRS conference last weekend!