Saturday, November 29, 2008


Hi, I'm YI.
 I introduce myself a bit. I'm a 4th−year student of MISE.   
My theme of graduation thesis is distribution of Zoanthid in Okinawa.  I'm interested in everything about Zoanthid. (lifecycle, taxonomy, evolution etc..) But I  know only a few things about Zoanthid. I have to study hard.

By the way, 
I've come back to Okinawa yesterday night from Shizuoka. I'll show you a few Shizuoka pictures.

This picture is view from the conference site. 
You know, Mt. Fuji! Beautiful.   

I went to the aquarium of To-kai university.
I found this beautiful Zoanthid but I don't know which species it is...


After the conference, I went sightseeing.
This is a picture of Oden.
Maybe not so many people know but Shizuoka is famous for Oden.  It's was tasty.

That's all.
I brought some souvenirs(fish paste stick and green tea) to the lab. Feel free to eat and drink!
Bye                            Yuka