Thursday, November 6, 2008

Lab meeting 2008.11.5

Short and sweet today.
Present: YM, YI, MH, YS, YH, CA
Absent: FS, TF (Chiba), MO (Tokyo), ES (Yokohama)

1. Internet - no illegal downloading please! Big Brother is evidently watching.
2. Car accident last weekend on the university loop - be careful, especially after rain.
3. Tank manager this week is YI.
4. Any lab things needed? Pincettes (ES and YM), light (MH), waterproof notes (all), specimen labels (how much?).
5. Taiwan/Aus collaboration potentail - check, and also discuss at JCRS.
6. Two 2nd year students are interested in our lab, so please invite them as buddies for trips to the ocean, and they can help while learning about our lab.
7. YM - presentation on glitter orchids - great! Thanks.
8. JDR back from Aus, great time!

Next week YI and Churaumi pix.

Today's picture is a giant giant clam (70 kg maybe) at the GBR, taken by JDR last week.